Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fungo / ファンゴ

A few weeks ago I was having a craving for either a burger or a submarine sandwich and decided to head back to my old neighborhood of Mishuku and headed toward Setagaya Park.  Across the street from the park is Fungo.  On this day, I treated myself to a pastrami sandwich and a beer.


At this shop, you can choose from four different kinds of bread - white, graham, baguette, or rye.  I figured the pastrami would go really well with the baguette.  You can also elect to have cheese with your sandwich with a choice of Monterey Jack, Red Cheddar or Emmantal.  I had forgotten to order myself a choice of cheese and had myself a cheeseless pastrami sandwich which is served with a side of fries.

選べられるパンは4種類あります ‐ ホワイト、グラハム、バケット、とライ。パストラミならバケットが一番合うと思ってそれをチョイス。チーズも3種類から選べられるけどこの日はチーズなしで注文しました。ただ忘れただけ。選べるチーズはモントレージャック、レッドチェダーとエメンタール。ちょっと残念。チーズなしでも美味しいですが。

My beer of choice today was Hoegaarden White.


Bon Appetit!


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