Monday, August 22, 2011

Shinshu Soba Dokoro [Sojibo] / 信州そば処 「そじ坊」

Summer is always a great season to go out for soba.  This is a soba chain restaurant called [Sojibo].  The one we went to is located in the Carrot Tower in Sangenjaya.  I chose a simple zaru soba / tempura set while Mikako ordered the hiyashi sansai tororo soba.  Our sobas are served with fresh wasabi that you grate yourself.


Zaru Soba / ざるそば

Assorted summer vegetables tempura / 夏野菜の天ぷら

The vegetables included asparagus, eggplant (aubergines if you want to be English), okra, squash, and myoga (I'm not sure what that translates to in English).


Hiyashi sansai tororo soba / 冷やし山菜とろろそば

Hm, how to translate that in English.  Hiyashi means cold.  Sansai are mountain vegetables, tororo is ground up mountain potato, and soba of course are the noodles.

Fresh wasabi (with grater) / 生わさび

Omochi also served with our set.


Bon Appetit!



SinoSoul said...

Hi, question:

I'm trying to cover "Sojibo" for a US publication. What does that mean anyway? How does it translate? "Sojibo"? Thanks!

Tokyo Ern said...

Sorry I am late in getting back to you. I tried to see if Sojibo had their own website but was without luck.

I'm not sure how it would translate. However, it is a popular chain shop. Not sure what else I can tell you.