Monday, August 1, 2011

Date with my Mother-in-Law (Part 2) / 義理の母とのデート (パート2)

My mother-in-law and I must have waiting for about 45 minutes before the water bus finally showed up.  Fortunately as she is not used to walking all over the place, having a short rest before hopping on the boat was a good thing.  Seeing the Tokyo Sky Tree from the water bus was pretty cool too.

水上バスの待ち時間が45分位だったかな。でも歩き回るのが苦手の義理の母にとってありがたいかも知りませんでした。 水上バスから見る東京スカイツリーも良いですね。

More pictures of the Tokyo Sky Tree as we still wait for our water bus to arrive.


Water bus arrives!  / 水上バス到着!

On our way to the Hama Rikyu Gardens / 浜離宮恩賜庭園に行く!

A yakatabune (you can enjoy a meal on these boats while cruising the river) / 屋形船

Nice and peaceful / 奇麗で静か

Nakajima no Ochaya (Tea House) / 中島の御茶屋

The last few times I've been to Hama Rikyu Gardens, the tea house was always crowded.  However, we were in luck today.  Although it was nearing closing time, there was no line and we were able to have some tea with sweets.


Japanese sweets are so beautiful / 和菓子って可愛いね

Deck of the tea house / 茶屋のデッキ

View from the deck / デッキからの眺め

Another view of the tea house / 別の角度から見る中島の御茶屋

A picture with my date! / デートの相手とのツーショット!

My mother-in-law, Iyo / 義理の母、名前はいよ (僕は母さんとよんでます)

My mother-in-law was in awe of the 300 year old pine.


And so our date ended.  Now it was back home while we waited for Mikako and Ryo to come home from the concert.  Tomorrow, we will be taking them to Tokyo's Korea Town in Shin Okubo.


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Your mom-in-law is so cute!