Sunday, July 31, 2011

Date with my Mother-in-Law (Part 1) / 義理の母とのデート (パート1)

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures of where I lived during my elementary years.  Now back to the present.  As Mikako and I returned from Maui, we were back at Haneda Airport the following day.  No, we weren't going on another trip.  We were meeting my mother-in-law and nephew, Iyo and Ryo.  As I mentioned a while back, Mikako had promised to take her nephew to the BIGBANG concert in Makuhari Messe in Chiba.  BIGBANG being another Korean pop idol band.  So while Mikako and Ryo were going to enjoy a show, so I decided to take my mother-in-law on a date.  But first, the four of us went to Asakusa.


Me and my mother-in-law in front of Kaminari Mon in Asakusa, why I have my hand in front of my face I don't know.

浅草、雷門前 僕と義理の母 なぜ手が顔の前にあるのは分からない。

A better picture of me but this time my mother-in-law has her eyes closed.


Nakamise Street, where all the souvenir shops are before reaching Sensoji Temple


Treating ourselves to some snacks / ちょっとおつまみ

Sensoji Temple / 浅草寺

View of the Tokyo Sky Tree from the Sensoji Temple grounds


After paying our respects at Sensoji Temple, Mikako and Ryo headed off to Chiba while my mother-in-law and I headed for the water bus station so we could to to Hama Rikyu Gardens.


My mother-in-law with the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background


Tokyo Sky Tree (still under construction) / 東京スカイツリー (まだ工事中)

As we were waiting for the water bus, we came across some public art displayed along the Sumida River.


Our date continues...


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