Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wandering around Shin Okubo / 新大久保ぶらり歩き

Before my mother-in-law and nephew headed home to Aomori, we decided to take them to Shin Okubo.  The nephew wanted to buy some K-Pop goods and hey, my wife and I love to have lunch there!


Great desserts here / このカフェに美味しいデザートがあります

Korea Town is always crowded / コリアタウンはいつも賑やか

Nephew, Ryo in the middle / 真ん中に甥っ子が写ってます

K-Pop artist goods browsing / K-popアーティストグッズいろいろ

Lunch at Canton no Omoide / 昼食はカントンの思いで

And yes, we had samgyopsal for lunch!!


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