Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Walk around Tennoz Isle / 天王洲アイルの散歩

Aside from last week's one nice warm day, the cold weather continues. I thought a post about a nice walk I took last summer around Tennoz Isle might warm you up. Above is the map of the island.


This bridge look familiar? It should. I had taken a picture of it from the other side while taking a walk during my lunch break when I still worked in Shinagawa. It is the Airu (Isle) Bridge.

見覚えの橋と思う? まだ職場が品川のほうの時、休憩時間の散歩で逆のほうを探索した所です。これはアイル橋。

It was great weather for a walk / 本当に散歩日和でした

Higashi Shinagawa Kaijo Park on Tennoz Isle / 天王洲アイルにある東品川海上公園

Using the timer on my camera / カメラのタイマーを使って自分を写る

"Kansei no Kujira" which translates to "Kansei Whale"

The sign below the picture gave an explanation of the "Kansei Whale". According to the sign, a little more than 200 years ago, on May 1, the 10th year of Kansei (1798) when this area was still a fisherman's village, a 16 meter whale appeared here. The fishermen who had never seen an animal so large captured it. The story of the whale spread throughout Edo that even the Shogun was said to have come to take a look at it. Currently, the bone of the whale is said to be buried at Kakata Shrine in Shinagawa in a small "Whale House".

絵の下の説明によると:「今から約200年前、寛政10年(1798)5月1日、この天王洲に1頭の鯨がまぎれ込みました。当時漁師町だった品川の漁師達は、初めて見る鯨に驚きながら勇敢に鯨をつかまえました。9間(16メートル)もある鯨が品川にあがったという話しはまたたくまに江戸じゅうに広がり将軍も見に来るほどの大騒ぎだったそうです。その後骨は、利田神社に埋められ 「鯨塚」 として現在も残っています。」

I took a short break at this riverside bar and enjoyed a beer and some cheese.


Nothing like enjoying beer with cheese / ビールとチーズは最高なコンビだね

The view from my table / 自分の席からの眺め

T.Y. Harbor Brewery

This is a restaurant and microbrewery located on Tennoz Isle. I have yet to treat myself to lunch or dinner and have yet to try their beer as well. Perhaps Mikako and I will go sometime this year. Preferabbly in the summer when the weather is nice and we can sit on the terrace.

この店は天王洲アイルにあるレストランとブリュワリー。まだ行ってませんがいずれは行ってみたい。ししてまだT.Y. Harberの地ビールもまだ飲んでません。でもやっぱりここに行くのは夏が一番良いと思う。まだまだ先だな。今年こそ美香子と一緒に行ってみようかな。

Fureai Bridge / ふれあい橋

I also discovered more art work after crossing the bridge.


"Shiju Kara" / 「しじゅうから」

"Hiyodori" / 「ひよどり」

This concludes my walk around Tennoz Isle, but on my way back to the station, I came across a couple of other interesting sites which I will write about next time.


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