Friday, March 4, 2011

Seiseki Park / 聖蹟公園

As I mentioned in my previous post, after leaving Tennoz Isle, as I making my way towards the closest train station, I came across an interesting park. It was the Seiseki Park and is also considered one of the 100 Scenic Sites of Shinagawa Ward which is located on the Old Tokaido Road. It's also the site of a feudal lord's inn. Coming across another scenic site in Shinagawa Ward reminds of those walks I took during my lunch break while still working in Aomonoyokocho.

前回のネタに書いた、天王洲アイルから一番近い駅を目指してる時に、聖蹟公園 (せいせきこうえん)を発見しました。あとから気付きましたが、この公園は品川区百景の一つでした。この道は旧東海道でこの公園に本陣跡の場所でもある。また品川区百景の一つを見つかったことで、青物横丁に働いた時期のランチ散歩を思い出す。

Seiseki Monument / 御聖蹟の碑

Unfortunately I have no idea what the writing says.


I have no idea what this monument is for either.


Darn, the bushes around the placard were overgrown so I didn't bother trying to read it.


Perhaps part of the feudal lord's inn? I'm definitely going to have to do a more detailed walk around this area next time.

本陣跡なのかな? また時間があればもうちょっとこの辺を探索してみよう。

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