Friday, February 18, 2011

Overnight Trip to Gotemba & Hakone (Part 5) / 御殿場・箱根一泊旅行 (パート5)

Our first stop on our Hakone drive was the Jyukokku Ridge. It is also known as Higanesan.


Jyukkoku Cable Car / 十国ケーブルカー

View from the top of the ridge / 峠の上からの眺め

The view is beautiful, but it was windy and cold and the top of the ridge.


At least it wasn't raining.


At the top of the ridge is an "Onegai Jizou".


As the English may be difficult to read in the picture above, the "Onegai Jizou" was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Jyukkoku Cable Car and to offer a prayer of safety to all travelers.

Not only is there an "Onegai Jizou" on top of the ridge, there is also a cemetery and a park as well. The cemetery is part of the Tokoji Temple (also located on this ridge).


As we were headed to the park, we also came across this monument which is a historical marker commemorating a poem that was believed to be written here by the third Kamakura Shogun, Minamoto no Sanetomo.

It's quite a walk to the park as well / 公園まで距離も思ったよりちょっと遠い

Entrance to Hime no Sawa Park / 姫の沢公園の入り口

Park items like these brings out the kid in me.


There is no law against being silly!


A fair view of Mt. Fuji from Jyukkoku Ridge / 十国峠での記念写真

After enjoying our little walk around the top of the ridge, it was time to head to our next destination. But first, off to the gift shop!


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