Sunday, February 20, 2011

Overnight Trip to Gotemba & Hakone (Part 6) / 御殿場・箱根一泊旅行 (パート6)

The Hakone driving tour continues...


This is the finishing/starting line for the annual Hakone Marathon. It's almost like the Superbowl where every tunes in to watch it during the New Year's Holiday.


One of the stylish ships you can tour on Lake Ashinoko.


To tell you the truth, I still haven't taken this tour though.


Next stop - Hakone Shrine

次の目的地 ‐ 箱根神社

Walking up the stairs to the actual shrine.


It may look like a long walk, but looks can be deceiving.


Hakone Shrine / 箱根神社

Just love the dragon spouting water / 口が出てる龍カッコいいね

Lots of big trees around Hakone Shrine as well / 箱根神社の周りにこういう大きいな木もいっぱいあります

There are smaller shrines on the grounds as well, this one is shrine to Benzaiten - one of the Seven Lucky Gods


Part of tree from Lake Ashinoko / 芦ノ湖の「かけら木」

From Hakone Shrine, we passed by this temple which I forgot the name of. My friend, Endo-san said it was like the Byodo-in of Hakone (the Byodo-in being the building that's printed on the back of a ten yen coin).


One last look at Lake Ashinoko before heading back to Mishima so we could catch our bus back to Shibuya.


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