Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overnight Trip to Gotemba & Hakone (Part 4) / 御殿場・箱根一泊旅行 (パート4)

I suppose you were all wondering when I was going to continue my posts about our overnight trip to Gotemba and Hakone. After dinner we enjoyed the onsen of course (which was most awesome but not a place to take pictures). Afterwards, we bought some snacks and beer (of course) and just had a pleasant evening. In the morning, we enjoyed a breakfast buffet (part of our package deal) and then it was off to Hakone. But before that, we decided to walk around the neighborhood. Endo-san's girlfriend had to go to work so it was just me, Mikako and Endo-san on our little driving tour.

一泊旅行のつづき忘れてませんよ。夕飯の後は楽しみの温泉。(残念ながら、温泉内は写真撮ってません)。お風呂上がりはやっぱりビールとおつまみ。朝はブレクファストの食べ放題 (宿代に含まれてました)。今日は箱根を堪能する予定。今日も晴れてたので、食べたあとにちょっと散歩。

Mt. Fuji / 富士山

There was a little shrine at the top of this hill so we went to check that out as well. It was the Haniwa Shrine. What's a haniwa? It's a kind of ceramic art that originated in the 3rd century (of course I had to look that up). Apparently, you make your own haniwa near this shrine.


Haniwa Shrine / 埴輪神社

View of Mt. Fuji from Haniwa Shrine / 埴輪神社から見える富士山

More Haniwa figures / 埴輪がいろいろ

A teepee village in Japan? / 日本でネイティブアメリカンの村?

Love the domed-shaped onsen in the large Dome Village / ドーム型の温泉可愛い

The Little Prince / 星の王子様

Pet Hotel in the Dome Village

Sign on the Pet Hotel says "We are very sorry, but we cannot accommodate lions".

Okay, so we still haven't left for Hakone.


To be continued...


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