Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Craft Beer Restaurant [Grand Table] / 地ビールレストラン 「グランドテーブル」

Oh my goodness, it wouldn't be me if I didn't focus on what and where we had dinner on our overnight trip to Gotemba. After checking out the fountain illumination show and the long illumination tunnel, it was time to eat. We had made reservations for 7:00pm but decided to see if we could get a table a little earlier. We went to the restaurant at 6:00pm and found to our delight, that we could get a table immediately. Welcoming the warm interior of the restaurant (one of many to choose from at Gotemba Toki no Sumika, we chose the Grand Table), we were led to our large table where our first order of business was to choose which Gotemba microbrew to drink. Although I always enjoy their bock (yes, I've been here on previous occasions, also with Endo-san), but I have a weakness for specials, so I ordered the Schwarz which is a dark beer.


Schwarz Beer / シュバルツ

And now for the food. This restaurant is a large family restaurant that also features a stage for live performances. The menu has a variety to choose from satisfying even the most pickiest of eaters. There are your standards of chicken wings and fries, pasta and salads. They also offer roast beef and ribs as well as pizzas, sausages and a variety of appetizers. Just check out the picks below to see what we had (and remember, there were four of us!)


Korean Style Tuna Tartar / マグロのユッケ風

Our first item was a Korean Style Tuna Tartar appetizer. It may look like a tomato in the picture above, but believe me, it is maguro! The mayonnaise and seaweed are a perfect match for it too. Delicious!


Our choice of salad was a Japanese Radish Salad with Dried Baby Sardines.


The pizza we chose was called a Mediterrano. Fairly standard but still good.


Sausages goes great with beer! This is the assorted sausage plate.


And of course, the main event, the dish I had been waiting for - pork spare ribs! (And no, I didn't eat the whole thing myself, thank you very much!)


Bon Appetit!


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