Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 5 (Participating in the Nebuta Festival) / 青森・函館 五日目 (ねぶた祭りに参加)

Japan Railways (JR) offers a tour where you can participate in the festival in which the festival costume is provided. Here we are dressed up to participate in the Nebuta Festival. We passed on wearing the tabi (footwear) which is difficult to get use to if you're not familiar with them.


My sister / 妹です

Me and my sister / 妹と一緒

The float we will be participating with. As we dance (not dance really but called haneru) and chant "Ra Se Ra! Ra Se Ra! Ra Se Ra Se Ra Se Ra!!"


Other participants / 他の参加者

The festival is about to start / 祭りがそろそろ始まります

One of the dangers of wearing the tabi / 足袋を履く危険

We didn't last the entire two hours of the tour. After walking, dancing, hopping, and chanting for nearly an hour, we got out of the line and treat ourselves to some street food and beer!


My sister enjoying some street food - yep, those are scallops on a stick!


More good looking food stuffs that we checked out but didn't eat.


And even more food stuffs / 全部美味しいそうに見える

Well, I couldn't pass up a burger that one of the food stalls were serving. This is a Deux Cloches (a French restaurant in Aomori) Burger made with Kuraishi Beef.

屋台でバーガーを発見したら、食べるしかない。これは「ドゥ・クロッシュ バーガー」倉石牛使用。ちなみに「ドゥ・クロッシュ」は東青森にあるフランスレストラン。

As a bonus I had to add these pictures from my sister's camera as well - hope you enjoy them.


Mom and Dad / うちの両親 ‐ 可愛いね

I love this picture, but I'm sure Mikako didn't really want me to post it and I'm sure my sister won't mind.


It looks like the Nebuta samurais are about to attack my Mom and Dad!


One of my favorite pictures with my Dad / 超気に入りの写真 (お父さんと一緒)

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