Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 6 (Last Day) / 青森・函館 ‐ 六日目 (最終日)

It's our last day in Aomori, and as we still had time before our train was take us back to Tokyo, we stopped at a cute little place called "Stella's Kitchen". It would remind you of "Mrs. Field's Cookies" in the States, but they also serve light lunches here as well.

青森の最終日。電車の出発まで時間があったので、駅の近くにあるクッキーの店でちょっと暇つぶし。店はデパートの二階にあって、店の名前は「Stella's Kitchen」。そのしたにステラおばさんのクッキーと書いてある。

Gotta love the sugar bowls (at least I think that's what these were)


We all ordered the same cookie set (you get to choose two types of cookies from a large assortment, pound cake, and drink included)


Heading back to Tokyo! / 東京に戻る途中!

It looks like Mom and Dad had a great time up north.


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