Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 3 (Hakodate 3 Hour Tour) / 青森・函館 ‐ 三日目 (函館市内ツアー)

It's our second day in Hakodate. Today, we checked out of Nagisa Tei and headed to another hotel. Check isn't until 3:00pm but we didn't want to be stuck with all our luggage. Today's plan was to take part in a 3 hour tour of Hakodate. After leaving our luggage at the next hotel, the parents took a taxi to Hakodate station while us kids opted for the tram (to save a bit of money). The tour we were taking would take us to Goryokaku Tower, a Trappistine Convent and would end at the Hijikata Takuboku Roman-kan.


Yunokawa River / 湯の川

Goryokaku Tower / 五稜郭タワー

The observation area / 五稜郭タワーの展望台

The tower's main purpose is not a view of the city, it's an aerial view of Goryokaku itself. The area is built in the form of a pentagon, but as the area is too large to see from the ground level, you need to check it out from above.


Goryokaku / 五稜郭

The family at Goryokaku / 五稜郭での家族写真

Me and my sister / 妹と一緒

Model of Goryokaku


Other touristy sites (which we didn't have time to see) / 他の観光サイト(行かなかったけど)

One of my plans while being in Hakodate was to eat at a local burger chain called "Lucky Pierrot". There was one right across the street from Goryokaku but as we were still in the middle of our tour, I never got a chance to eat there! Maybe next time.


Lucky Pierrot / ラッキーピエロ

To be continued...


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