Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 2 (Dinner & Night Tour) / 青森・函館 2日目 (夕食とナイトツアー)

After touring the Motomachi area, it was time to return to our hotel for dinner (and to take as many baths as we can of course). Oh, but wait - we had also signed up for a night tour to go to the top of Hakodateyama to get a view of what's considered one of the world's three scenic night views (the other two being Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, and the night view of Naples in Italy). But first - dinner, which was an all-you-can-eat buffet!

元町を堪能したあと、ホテルに戻って夕食の時間だ。あとはお風呂、お風呂。でもお風呂入る前に、ナイトツアーに参加することにした。みんなで函館山から世界三大夜景と言われる場所に行く。(他は香港のビクトリアピークとイタリアのナポリだそうです。) 夜景の前はやっぱり食べ物ですね。

So much variety / 選べる物は豊富でした

Proscuitto / 生ハム

Very tender steak / 超柔らかいステーキ

Grilled scallop on the shell / 帆立焼き

You can make your own ramen or udon too / 自分で作るラーメンかうどんもあった

Mustn't forget dessert / デザートを忘れずに

After dinner, it was off to Hakodateyama to check out the night view.


The famous night view of Hakodate / 世界三大夜景の函館

Those lights are from boats fishing for squid / 明かりはイカ船です

Mom and Dad at Hakodateyama / お母さんとお父さん

When the tour was over and we were back at the hotel, my wife, sister and mother went to check out the main hotsprings. Dad decided to lounge around in his room. So of course I had to take advantage the outdoor bath in my parent's room!


Outdoor bath in my parent's room / 露天付きの部屋

Checking out the squid boats / 露天風呂から見えるイカ船

Nice long soak / 露天風呂って気持ち良い

And a beer after soaking / お風呂上がりのビールが最高

Of course I had to check out the other baths as well.


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