Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 2 (Hotel & Motomachi Area) / 青森・函館 ‐ 二日目(ホテルと元町エリア)

After finishing lunch, it was off to our hotel - the Yunokawa Prince Hotel [Nagisa Tei]. I had already told my parents that we reserved a room for them that comes with it's own outdoor bath and has a view of the ocean.


View from my parents room / 両親の部屋からの眺め

Just getting my feet wet / 両親の部屋の露天風呂で軽く足湯

It was still light out so us kids decided to let Mom and Dad rest while we went exploring a bit more of Hakodate. My wife has been to Hakodate many times before and said my sister shouldn't miss out on seeing the sites around the Motomachi area including the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, the Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church and the Motomachi Roman Catholic Church. Afterwards, we would go back to the hotel for dinner then head out once again (with parents in tow) to check out Hakodate's Million Dollar Night View from the top of Hakodateyama.

まだ晴れてたもんで、両親をホテルにおいて三人で町の探索に出かけました。美香子が何回も函館に来たことあるので、妹に元町エリアは絶対行くべきと言いました。そこに見所がいっぱい ‐ 函館ハリsツオス正教会、カトリック元町教会、旧函館区公会堂等。観光したあとはホテルに戻って、夕食を食べて、その後、みんなで函館山からの世界三大夜景と言われる場所に行く。

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church / カトリック元町教会

Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church (doesn't look all that great with all the scaffolding) / 函館ハリストス正教会 (修理中であんまり魅力的に感じないでしょ)

What the church looks like without the scaffolding / 本当はこうゆ感じです

Hachiman Slope / 八幡坂

Showa style building / 昭和を感じさせる建物

Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward / 旧函館区公会堂

Inside the Old Public Hall with my sister / 妹と一緒に旧函館区公会堂の中

A sign said this was the Emperor's toilet and bathroom / ここは大正天皇の便所と浴室と書かれたサインがありました

Concert Hall / 大広間

On the balcony of the Old Public Hall / 旧函館区公会堂のバルコニー

View from the balcony / バルコニーからの眺め

Me and my sister with our entertaining taxi driver/guide / 面白いタクシーの運転手

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