Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aomori ・ Hakodate - Day 3 (Hakodate 3 Hour Tour) / 青森・函館 ‐ 三日目 (函館市内ツアー)

On our way to the next site, we passed by these areas that are not part of the tour.


Our taxi driver/guide from yesterday said this was one of the three scenic spots of Hakodate (of course it wouldn't really make any sense in English but just trust me on it). This is Hakodate's new horse racing track.

昨日のタクシー運転手・ガイド佐藤さんが言ったのはここが函館の三景の一つ (ちょっとオヤジユモアになるかも知りませんが)、ここの三景の一つは競馬!他に競輪場と刑務所があった!分かるかな~?日本ジョークですよ。競馬、競輪、刑務所 (三ケイってわけさ)。

We passed by the tram garage / 市電の車庫も見ました

Another tram / また別の市電

The next site on our tour was "Our Lady of the Angel's Convent", the Trappistine Convent, which is also Japan's first convent.


At the entrance to the convent, you are first greeted by this angel. Actually, you are not allowed inside the convent, only certain areas. What this place is well known for is their homemade cookies and butter, which is only sold here at the convent.


Great pic of my mom and sister / お母さんと妹です

You are also welcomed by the Virgin Mary / 聖母マリアもウエルカムしてくれます

Usually you are allowed up to the top of the steps where you can get a closer glimpse of the convent but the garden was being redone when we there so this is the closest we got.


The garden is very nice though / 庭も素敵です

Another part of the convent / トラピチヌ修道院の何処か

Nice family pic at the convent / トラピチヌ修道院前で家族写真

Small Chapel / 小さなチャッペル

This might give you a small idea of how large the convent is / この写真でトラピチヌ修道院の大きさがちょっとでも分かる様

While I was still enjoying reading the history about the convent, my mother and sister said they were off to the shop nearby for some of Hakodate's best tasting ice cream. And as majority rules, I had to cut my history lesson short and had some ice cream myself.


The shop selling ice-cream. If you take a close look, you can see my mother, wife, and sister coming out of the place with their ice-cream cones in hand.


To be continued...


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