Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner at the New Sanno in Hiroo / ニュー山王で夕食

On a Sunday while my parents and sister were in Tokyo, I had to work. However, I would be joining them for dinner, along with a couple of my friends that my parents had met on their prior visits (some odd years ago). My friends and I would be joing my parents and sister at the New Sanno Hotel in Hiroo. This would be the first time my parents and sister would see my friend's daughter, Rino. My wife was already at the hotel as she was invited to the Champagne Brunch while I was slaving away at work!


My friends Suga & Aki with their daughter Rino / 友達のスガとアキと娘の梨乃ちゃん

This pic includes my sister and wife / 僕の妹と妻も写ってます

But today's main feature is dinner at one of the hotel's fine restaurants.


What me and my friends ordered - Prime Rib! / 僕と友達が食べた物 ‐ プライム・リブ

My sister's order (of course I had a bite or three!) / 妹の注文 (もちろん二口や三口位食べたよ!)

My Dad's plate - meatloaf! He's so American / お父さんの注文 ‐ ミートローフ (完全にアメリカン人やな)

Buffalo wings & veggie sticks for everybody / みんなで食べたバッファロウィングと野菜スティック

All meals included bread and a choice of soup or salad, also a choice of potatoes (baked, french fries, etc.) or rice. And after the main meal, it's time for dessert. What about Rino you say? No worries, she was well taken care of as well.


Rino enjoys her spaghetti / 梨乃ちゃんがスパゲッティに夢中

Raspberry mousse / ラーズベリムース

Strawberry tart / 苺タルト

Creme brulee / クレーム・ブリュレ

Key Lime Pie / キー・ライム・パイ

And so ended dinner. Tomorrow, it's off to Aomori!


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