Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the way to Aomori / 青森行き

Here is my sister at Tokyo Station. She couldn't believe Ichiro is in a commercial ad. Apparently he doesn't give interviews to the American media and does not do any commercials in the U.S.


We are now waiting the doors to open on our train. This is the Hayate which will take us to Aomori.


Just a few more minutes of waiting / あとちょっとで出発

One of the pleasures of riding the shinkansen is eating eki-ben (station bentos). Today I treated myself to a "30 item balanced bento".


Lets see - the bento includes chicken, squash, rice, paprika, carrots, and a bunch of other healthy stuff!

My eki-ben / 僕の駅弁

Family on the train / 電車の中の家族

On our way...


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