Friday, July 2, 2010

A Walk around Kudanshita (Part 3) / 九段下の散歩 (パート3)

In my previous post, I mentioned there was one other place in Kudanshita that I wanted to take a walk around. The area is also within walking distance of the Yasukuni Shrine and is mostly known for being the venue of large concerts. In fact, one American band recorded their show here and the album was a bestseller! That would be Cheap Trick with their live album - "Live at Budokan" and yes, it is around Budokan, or rather Kitanomaru Park that I went walking!


Tayasumon Gate / 田安門

Budokan / 武道館

The day I went, there was a concert by a band called SADS playing.


SADS in concert / サッズ ゴシックサーカス ツアー

Statue of former Prime Minister - Shigeru Yoshida / 第45代・48代・49代・50代・51代内閣総理大臣吉田茂の像

Shimizumon Gate / 清水門

Shimizumon Gate / 清水門

Dragonfish Roof Tile on top right corner of Shimizumon Gate, I forgot what the Japanese name of this was.


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