Saturday, July 3, 2010

Karyusankan / 華陸餐館

A couple of months ago, a friend of ours suggested spending the day in Yokosuka. To get an early start, we decided to stay at a hostel in Yokohama near Chinatown. As we were going to stay in Chinatown, I had one request - that we have dinner at a place called [Karyusankan]. A co-worker recommended this place for it's tosho mabo-men.


Mabo Toshomen / 麻婆刀削麺

And yes, it's as spicy as it looks, if not more so. Very delicious.


My wife and my friend's girlfriend both ordered the tantan-men which was listed on the menu as the most popular item. Unfortunately for them, the tantan-men was one of the worst tasting noodles they've ever had. A regular bowl of tantan-men should be spicy with a fair amount of sesame, but the tantanmen here was full of vinegar! You couldn't taste any sesame and the vinegar in the soup was just too strong. In fact, they couldn't finish eating it. My friend Yukio settled for a simple bowl of miso ramen and we all shared a plate of gyoza.


Tantan toshomen / 坦々刀削麺

Miso Toshomen / 味噌刀削麺

Gyoza / 餃子

Bon Appetit!


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