Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Trip to Yokosuka (Part 1) / 横須賀日帰り旅行 (パート1)

Even though I titled this a day trip to Yokosuka, me and a couple of friends actually stayed overnight at a hostel near Chinatown in Yokohama called Zen. We wanted to get an early start and spend most of the following day in Yokosuka. We will go to Sarushima Park first, then come back to Mikasa Park for the Yokosuka Curry Festival (and a chance to eat the Yokosuka Navy Burger as well), we will wander around the Mikasa Battleship


Looks a little suspicious doesn't it? But hey, it was only 2300yen per person, very cheap by Japan standards.


The courtyard? At least it's a room and not a dorm.


Hostel Art / ホステル アート

Chinatown at night / 夜の中華街

Our hostel included a simple breakfast as well.


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