Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Trip to Yokosuka (Part 2) / 横須賀日帰り旅行 (パート2)

After having our light breakfast at Zen, it was off to Mikasa Park to catch the boat which will take us to Sarushima Park, the only natural island that remains in the Tokyo Bay according to the sign at the entrance of the island.


Entrance to Mikasa Park / 三笠公園の入り口

Funky telephone booth


Memorial Ship Mikasa / 記念艦 みかさ

We will be checking out the memorial battleship after coming back from Sarushima and after enjoying the curry festival.


Boat to take us to Sarushima / 猿島行きのボート

On our way / 出航

Sarushima / 猿島

Arriving at Sarushima / 猿島上陸

Map of Sarushima / 猿島の地図

A little history of the island when it was used as a fortress during World War II. You can still explore the remains of the fortress ruins throughout the island.

Gun Powder Storage area / 弾薬庫

Brick building of Fremish bond / フランス積れんが建造物

Remains of Underground Facilities of Battery / 砲台地下施設

Ruins of a gun platform / 砲台跡

Day Travelers / 日帰り旅行者たち

It looks like someone stepped on his shell / 誰かこのカタツムリ踏んだみたい

Red grasshopper? / 赤いバッタ?

Our stamp rally map / スタンプラリーマップ

You can find Perry Cider and Sarushima Beer at the little shop by the dock.


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