Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yushukan (War Memorial Museum) / 遊就館

As I mentioned in my post about my walk around Kudanshita, photos inside the Yushukan (War Memorial Museum) located on the grounds of Yasukuni Shrine are only allowed on the first floor which features a rebuilt Mitsubishi Zero, a steam locomotive that was used in the Thai-Burma Railroad, and a couple of cannons as well.


Mistubishi Zero / 三菱 ゼロ

Model C56 Locomotive No.31 / 泰緬鉄道C56型31号機関車

After wandering through the Yushukan, I went walking around other areas of Yasukuni. There was a peaceful little garden and a sumo stable located behind the shrine itself.


Just one more area to feature in Kudanshita, but that will be my next post.



Greg said...

Thanks for sharing this visit. Would love to read the plaques from this post, but it's too small. Do you have larger versions somewhere?

Looks like a really interesting museum.


Tokyo Ern said...

I was afraid the English might be difficult to read and unfortunately I don't have a larger version to post although I do have the pictures saved. And the Yushukan web-site doesn't have any English translations as well.

The museum itself was amazing and you need at least a couple of hours to go leisurely walk through the place (the museum has a lot of displays in English as well).

Mike Pass said...

loved your photo of steam loco C56 at Yasukuni - really good pic ! I am compiling an illustrated & complete list of all Thailand's steam locomotive survivors & would love to include this photo, which would be credited to you & your copyright would be reserved. Please confirm if it's OK to use. Mike Pass in Khon Kaen, Thailand. (