Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Walk around Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park / 有栖川宮記念公園の散歩

After parting ways with our friends Yamakawa-san and Dokken-san, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. There is a very large park here in Hiroo called Arisugawa no Miya Memorial Park which we have never explored. We decided we would walk around there first.


Origins and Special Features of the Park / 公園の由来と歴史

Map of the park / 公園の案内地図

Its too early for the autumn foliage but still a beautiful park to wander around in.


Enjoying our free time before our move to Aomori.


Statue of Newspaper Delivery Boy / 新聞少年の像

I will translate the sign as best I can: I am a newspaper delivery boy. If I shake slightly, you can smell the newspaper ink. I importantly hold the papers when running as a marathon runner would do. Yes, I am a happy newspaper delivery boy.

Statue of Arisugawa Taruhito Shinnou / 有栖川熾仁親王の銅像

Prince Arisugawa Taruhito / 有栖川熾仁親王

"The Boy who Whistles" / 「笛ふき少年」

Men fishing on the pond / 池で釣りしてる男たち

Park resident / 公園の住民

Taking a peak into National Azuba Market. A supermarket that caters to the foreign crowd.


We decided to walk back to Shibuya from Hiroo hoping to discover something new. As luck would have it, we came across a temple that we haven't visited yet. It was called Choukokuji Temple and houses a large Kannon statue in one of its buildings.


Entrance to Choukokuji Temple / 長谷寺の入口

Hand purification basin / 手水舎

Temple Bell / お寺の鐘

Kannon Statue / 11面観世音菩薩像

Beautiful Japanese garden.


Choukokuji Temple Seal / 長谷寺の御朱印

Tree bearing fruit.

An orange tree.

Konno Hachimangu Shrine in Shibuya / 渋谷にある金王八幡宮

Hondo / 本堂

Last Stone of the Shibuya Fortress / 澁谷城 砦の石

There is a small museum at Konno Hachimangu Shrine which you can enjoy free of charge.


Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine / 玉造稲荷神社

Toyosaka Inari Shrine / 豊奘稲荷神社

And so ended our day's adventure. After dropping by the shrines in Shibuya, we went home and called it a day.


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