Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lunch in Ginza at Kaneko Hannosuke / 銀座で昼食@金子半之助

We were walking around Ginza at lunch time last October and as we were trying to decide where to eat, we spotted another branch of the tempura bowl shop [Kaneko Hannosuke]. As there was no long lines and no waiting over an hour here at this branch than the one in Kanda, we decided to have lunch here. This branch also serves Inaniwa udon. We both ordered the Inaniwa Udon and Kaneko Hannosuke Tempura Bowl Set for ¥1,280. A reasonable price for lunch in Ginza.


The Menu / メニュー

What could be inside this?


Free toppings for your tempura bowl and udon.


Time to eat!


Inaniwa Udon / 稲庭うどん

Tempura Bowl / 天丼・金子半之助天ばらめし

My wife also had this. I don't remember it being part of the set or on the menu though.


My wife also loves this dish that is made with sliced ginger prepared in vinegar along with burdock root so she bought some to take home.


Bon Appetit!


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