Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Walk to Harajuku and Back / アパートから原宿往復の散歩

Last October I had a reason for wanting to walk from our house in Wakabayashi to Harajuku. At the La Foret building, there was a KISS exhibition. I thought that would be a fun thing to check out as I had been a long time KISS fan and KISS was the first concert I went to. Walking from our apartment to Harajuku would take us about 45 minutes to an hour but we enjoying walking on the weekends.


I also like checking out public art pieces whenever we go walking.


Here we are at La Foret in Harajuku.


I was pretty excited about checking out the KISS Expo...until I saw the entrance fee. 2000yen (about 20-25 USD). That would mean almost 40 to 50 USD for me and my wife. I had thought the entrance fee would be a lot less than that. I was willing to spend no more than 1000yen. 2000yen just seemed like a rip-off to me. I'm sure we have Gene Simmons to thank for that - greedy bastard! Not wanting to contribute any more to his wealth, I told my wife we could skip the exhibition.


Hey, but I like cool cars and in front of La Foret, this BMW was displayed.


Since we are in Harajuku, we decided to walk along Takeshita Street, one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo.


My image of Harajuku are the crepe shops.


Harajuku Graffiti / 原宿落書き

The main entrance to Takeshita Street.


Can you believe the city of Tokyo wants to tear down Harajuku station and replace it with a more modern structure (and a larger one too) as Harajuku on the weekends gets quite crowded. It would be a shame to lose this structure though in my opinion. We also had lunch here in Harajuku at one of the most popular ramen shops in Tokyo, but I had already written about it.


And for once, there wasn't an extremely long line in front of Garrett's popcorn shop so we decided to buy some to see what all the fuss was about.


Yeah, they were good, but I don't understand why anyone would stand in line for two hours to buy them.


A mobile vegetable stand!


This looks like a nice house or so I thought but my wife recognized it as a high end restaurant called [Chez Matsuo] which is owned and run by Kozo Matsuo. Oh my, I wish I knew about his place when I could still afford to indulge in high end eateries (not that I really had the money to do so), but at least once would have been enough.


Should we eat lunch here? The course is just a little less than a hundred dollars!


And a short visit to Nabeshima Shoto Park.


A little history about Nabeshima Shoto Park. This area was originally owned by the Tokugawa family. They then sold it to the Nabeshima family who turned the area into a tea garden and called it Shoto Garden. The tea garden closed in 1932 and the land was given to the city of Tokyo. Control of the park was then handed to Shibuya Ward in 1950 and is still Shibuya Ward's responsibility.

And did you know there was also an art museum in Shoto near Shibuya? This is the Shoto Museum of Art.


From Shoto back to our apartment took about another 30 minutes where we called it a day.


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