Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Walk around Yutenji Temple and Surroundings / 祐天寺とその周辺の散歩

After leaving my previous employer in Tokyo, my wife and I had plenty of free time before our impending move to Aomori. So on a nice day, I suggested a walk to Yutenji Temple from our apartment. It was a nice 45 minute walk from are apartment to Yutenji Temple.


Main Gate / 表門

At Yutenji Temple, you will find the Kyu Sogen'in Tamaya-kyuden (former miniature shrine for mausoleum of Sogen'in).

And is also the site for the grave of Yuten Shonin.

Nio Gate / 仁王門

Kasane Tsuka / 田糸塚

Temple Bell (Bonsho) / 梵鐘

Stone Buddha's feet / 仏足石

Mizuko Jizo / 水子地蔵

Monument to Edo era firefighters / 江戸消防記念會

Old Water Purification Basis / 古い手水舎

An old well / 古い井戸

Main Temple (Hondo) / 本堂

Temple detail

Yutenji Temple Seal / 祐天寺の御朱印

Yutenji Street / 祐天寺商店街

Old steam engine wheel on display.

C57117 号蒸機関車主動輪。

For the steam locomotive nerds.

Snack time along Yutenji Street while I enjoy a coke float.


My wife had a large order of some shaved ice.


As we were walking home, we came upon a place called Dr. Nakamatsu Square. It seems the street is also named after Dr. Nakamatsu.


The building is the house is Dr. Nakamatsu's house.


And so ended another one of our walking adventures.


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