Monday, May 22, 2017

A Walk around Taishido Hachiman Shrine / 太子堂八幡の散歩

When I resigned from last employer in Tokyo, I still had quite a bit of paid holidays to use up. My official last day was October 31st however, my last day at work was at the end of September. And our move to Aomori wouldn't take place until the end of November giving me a lot of free time. So, on my first free weekend I went for a walk around my neighborhood. Today's main goal was a local shrine called the Taishido Hachiman Shrine.


But what's this? A German bakery in Sangenjaya? I don't remember seeing this job all the years I've lived here.


Muttis Kuchen? I guess that's the name of the place.

ムッティスクーハン? 本当に聞いたことない。

And then I discovered why. This shop is not always open for business. It doesn't have a regular schedule and when the place is not open, there are no signs to even give you a clue that there was shop in the building.


I have no idea of the name of the snack I bought but it was good!


This is the Benzai Shrine located right outside of the Taishido Hachiman Shrine.


Entrance to Taishido Hachiman Shrine.


Heading up to the hondo.


Hand Purification Basin / 手水舎

Hondo / 本堂

If you walk around Taishido Hachiman Shrine or the market street, you should run into the neighborhood cat/mascot, Tama-chan.


Me and Tama-chan / 僕とタマちゃん

Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社

Prayer Boards / 絵馬

The Compatibility Tree / 相生の神

Shiokama Jinja / 鹽竈神社

You can visit Pitan at Tashido Hachiman Shrine.


I see a cat. Can it be another Tama-chan?


Taishido Hachiman Shrine Seal / 太子堂八幡神社の御朱印

And yes, there is a public phone booth on the shrine grounds. Now to head back home. Only 10 minutes on foot from here.


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