Friday, February 24, 2017

Wakabayashi Inari Shrine Autumn Festival / 若林稲荷神社秋祭り

As my wife and I had decided to move to her hometown of Aomori come November, we thought it only right to check out the Wakabayashi Inari Shrine Autumn Festival, as this would be our last time to go. Next year at this time, we will be living far up north. We were walking back from Naka Meguro and it was just getting dark so the lights really created the atmosphere of celebration.


Our neighborhood shrine's Autumn Festival.


The torii to Wakabayashi Inari Shrine.


For a very local festival, it was quite crowded.


Mikoshi (portable shrine) / 神輿

Hondo / 本堂

Neighborhood kids purifying their hands before paying respects at the shrine.


Hand purifying basin / 手水舎

Although we already had dinner, I couldn't help but treat myself to a souvlaki - a Greek styled doner kebab. My mother often talked about eating this when my father was stationed in Greece. Unfortunately, the only thing I remember in Greek is gala for milk and vlaka for stupid. Hey, we may have been there for three years but that was when I was between the ages of 3 and 6.


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