Thursday, December 29, 2016

Komazawa Oktoberfest / 駒沢オクトバーフェス

Don't ask me why but sometimes Japan likes to have other countries festivals out of season and so it is with Oktoberfest. As it was being held at Komazawa Olympic Park in June, after lunch at a gyoza shop, my wife and I walked to the park to take a peak.


One of my friend's took us before and seemed like another good time for gyoza. Heck, anytime is a good time for gyoza!

以前友達がこの店に連れてくれたことがあった。 今日もちょっと餃子の気分。毎日餃子食べても良いと思う!

Okay, so we had some fried rice with our gyoza as well.


Taking a peak at the Komazawa Oktoberfest. First, must check out all the booths.


Hey, wait a minute. That's not a beer stand. That says sake! It says Tohoku Sake Festival.


I of course had to try at least one beer so which one did I choose? After making a couple of rounds of the booths I decided upon a dark beer served at the Weihenstephan booth and chose to drink a Doppel Bock.


Yes, I only had one beer. This festival is too expensive. First you need to put a 1000 yen deposit for the glass and then the beers cost an average of 1000yen or more. At least you get your deposit back if you don't break the glass or don't plan on taking it home.


And ice cream with my wife before walking home.


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