Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kusatsu Hot Spring Trip 2 (Part 2) / 草津温泉旅行 2(パート2)

We pulled into our pension about 5 in the evening. We decided to have dinner before heading out to baths. Dinner was to be served at 6pm so we had an hour to relax and get settled in our rooms. This was the same pension we stayed at the last time we came to Kusatsu and we were also given the same rooms. We actually took turns using the bath at the pension which also uses hot spring water. The men's bath was under construction so we took turns as couple using the bath before dinner.


Our pension we would be staying the night at is called [The Spur]. We were given the same rooms as last time as well.


Our room had three beds (although we would only be using two).


Yukio relaxing in his room.


Dinner time / 夕食の時間

Grilled fish / 焼魚

Maguro topped with tororo / マグロの山掛け

Hot pot ingredients / 鍋の材料

Persimmon filled with fruit and veggies / 柿のサラダ

Fried oysters / カキフライ

Green veggie / 山菜

After dinner, time to head to the main area of Kusatsu and time to take many baths! Our first stop would be to Sai no Kawara, a large outdoor bath with an entrance fee.


Sai no Kawara Park / 西の河原公園

Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社

Photography is not allowed. This picture is from the outdoor bath's website.  Check the URL below for more information. (text only in Japanese)


Heading to the next public bath.


We are heading to the yubatake, the main area of the resort.


Frogs / 蛙

Hand bath / 手の湯

Yubatake / 湯畑

The next bath we would experience. There are two baths inside and both of them are really hot! I managed to soak in the lesser of two hot baths but not for very long. I only managed to get my legs wet in the hotter of the two and immediately got out that one. Yukio managed to sit up to his neck but got out quite soon as well. Mikako managed to soak in the hotter of the two on the women's side but when another bather came in, making the water seem even hotter, it looks like she had a slight burn on her legs! I think the temperature of the baths range from 47-50 degrees Celsius (that would be 116-120 degrees Fahrenheit!).


Shirahata no Yu / 白旗の湯

Pic from the internet / 写真はネットから

More pics of the yubatake.


Yakitori stand. No place to sit so we didn't buy any.


We came here the last time as well so paid another visit. It was beer break time before heading to the next free public bath.


Enjoying myself a Gunma craft beer - Kawaba beer weizen.


Trying our hand at Showa puzzles.


Chiyo no Yu / 千代の湯

Sexy shot of Yukio / 幸男のセクシーショット

Jizo no Yu. If we include the foot bath we took at Ikaho Stone Steps, this would be our fifth bath today.


Pic from the internet / 写真はネットから

We were going to go here after dinner first but as we were running out of time, we decided to check out the Otaki no Yu tomorrow morning.


Bath number 6. Yukio decided to head back to the pension first but my wife and I and Reiko decided on this last bath of the evening.


The Spur at night.


Changing into yukato mode.


Snacks and drinks before bedtime.


The next morning before breakfast, I went to one of the free public baths called "Megumi no Yu"  located nearby the pension. As it was about six in the morning, I had the entire place to myself.


The pension in the morning.


The bath at the pension. Since I didn't bring shampoo or rinse to the public bath and anemities were not provided and I still had time before breakfast, I took another bath at the pension.


Yes, those are my feet.  I am relaxing before breakfast.


Breakfast is being served.


And then it was off to the "Otaki no Yu" public bath. We were given coupons for this place from the owners of the pension. This establishiment has many baths to enjoy but as with most of these places pictures are forbidden. For more details check the URL listed below (Japanese text only).

これから有料温泉施設の「大滝之湯」に行きました。ペンションのオーナーからクーポンを貰ったので、私たちには無料となりました。 楽しむお風呂は結構ありますが、もちろん写真撮影は無理えす。詳しい情報は下記のURLをご欄になって下さい。

Nothing like having a massage after a bath.


My wife having an ice-cream break.


This would be my dessert after returning home. Two craft beers from Gunma Prefecture. The one one the left is the Kusatsu Onsen Monogatari Stout. On the right is a Gunma Bakushu.


We will be heading back to Tokyo by way of Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture. I suggested going to Oni Oshidashi Park which was our next destination.


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