Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Overnight trip to Urayasu (Part 3) Saiboku Ham and Meat Shop / 浦安一泊の旅 (パート3)サイボクハム

So while eating dinner at my friend's place in Urayasu on a Saturday evening, for Sunday's outing we decided to go to Hidaka in Saitama Prefecture to Saiboku Ham and Meat Shop.  The area also features a hot spring as well.  I was looking forward to going there.


And here we are at Saiboku Ham. 


Soon to be bacon?  You never know.


To be honest, there really wasn't much to see at Saiboku. It was more like a huge supermarket and butcher.  There were other activities you could do like making sausage or bread.  And there is the hot spring but it just wasn't the right atmosphere and it was a little on the expensive side so we passed on going there.  But as long as we are here, we had to at least eat some meat!


My friend's said I looked the part.


Love the name of this little shop - Meatopia.


Definitely my favorite part of Saiboku Ham.


I had to try this Sayama-tea Cola.  It was quite refreshing. 


I also bought a bottle of Hiroshima Cola as well (yep, in Saitama!). 


Sign in the bathroom asking you to keep the place clean as if it were your own house.

Yep, that was about it.  However, there was a place nearby that I wanted to go to - the Akebono Children's Forest Park.  Part of this park was made to look like Moomin Valley. My wife and friends reluctantly humored me as they were not big fans of Moomin.  And it appears a lot of my American friends are unfamiliar with one of Finland's biggest export as well.  For my American friends, Moomin is not a hippopotamus, they are a family of Moomin trolls created by Tove Jansson.


The picture above for those of you who are unfamiliar with Moomin.


Alright, its off to Moomin Valley we go!


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