Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Burger / ハッピーバーガー

When we first went to visit our nephew in Oyama in Itabashi Ward, we took a walk along the popular market street - Oyama's Happy Road and You-za Oyama.  It was at You-za Oyama that I spotted a burger shop and told my wife the next time we visit our nephew, we shall have lunch there.  And that was the plan for today.


Here we are in Oyama again!


You-za Oyama / 遊座大山

And here we are, our first trip to Happy Burger. The store hours said it was open at 11:30am but it was after 11:30 but opened shortly afterwards.  We were the first customers for the day.


The burger shop has a nice homey atmosphere.  A great place for lunch.


I ordered the Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger.  As you can see, the patty is also topped with tomato and onions.  It was a pretty good burger.  Fries and onions rights were part of my set as well.

僕が注文したのはアボカドベーコンチーズバーガー。 見ればわかる、トマトとオニオンも挟んでます。バーガーにはポテトフライとオニオンリングが付いてます。

Of course I had a beer with my burger.


But what's great about this shop is that they don't only serve burgers.  There are other dishes on their lunch menu and it was the other that my wife and nephew chose.  A nice steak is what they had.  My wife let me have a bit of hers and I must say, this was quite delicious too.


But apparently steak didn't include rice and this left my nephew and wife still hungry.  My wife suggested go to a nearby sushi shop (which we did) and although I had enough to eat, I could I not order sushi...but that's for another post.


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