Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loud Park 2015 (Day 1 - Part 2) / ラウドパーク 2015 (初日ーパート2)

This year's Loud Park had three stages - the Big Rock Stage, the Ultimate Stage, and the Kingdom Stage (for Day 1 anyway).  The third stage was called the Extreme Stage for Day 2 as it mostly featured death metal bands.  Anyway, the third band I watched would be playing the Kingdom Stage.  Yet anothere Japanese band, the power metal band - Galneryus.

今年のラウドパークは3ステージもありました、ビッグ・ロック・ステージ、あるとアルティメット・ステージとキングダム・ステージ(初日はね)。二日目のサードステージはエクストリーム・ステージ(ほぼデス系のバンドが出るから)。 さて、僕が3組目のバンドを観戦したのは日本出身のガルネリアス。 日本のパワーメタルバンドです。

These guys have 10 albums under the belt. I only have their 7th release, "Phoenix Rising" which includes a bonus DVD.  I watched this band's entire set.
このバンドは10枚のCDを出してる。僕は7枚目の「Phoenix Rising」しか持ってませんが、
Set List:
1. Destiny
2. Endless Story
3. There's No Escape
4. New song
5. Braving Flag
Breaking Arrows was originally scheduled to play, which features the former member of Siam Shade - Daita Ito.  Due to a member change or something or oher, the Daita Band replaced the Breaking Arrows.  They were playing at the same time as Galneryus so I skipped this watching these guys.
Breaking Arrowsが参加する予定でしたがなんかの理由でアメリカのメンバーが来れなくなった様だっとので、その代わりにDaita Bandが参加しました。元Siam Shadeのギターリスト(現Breaking Arrowsのギターリスト)。一昨年のラウドパークでBreaking Arrowsを見たし、時間帯はGalneryusでだぶってるし、こっちのライブはパスしました。
Set List:
1. Destiny
2. Endless Story
3. There's No Escape
4. New song
5. Braving Flag


Then I went back to the Ultimate Stage to check out Nagoya's own thrash legends - Outrage.  Yep, these guys are veterans too!

またアルティメットステージに戻って名古屋出身のベテランスラッシュバンドアウトレージのライブを見ました。 日本のメタルとスラッシュも中々良いですよ。

French band that I'm not too familiar with so I decided to go treat myself to lunch during their set.
Set List:
1. Oroborus
2. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
3. Backbone
4. Love / Remembrance
5. Flying Whales
6. L'Enfant Sauvage
7. Vacuity
I would miss House of Lords set as well but since Greg Giuffria isn't a member of this current line-up I wasn't too bummed.
House of Lordsも見逃した。元AngelとGuiffriaのグレッグ・ジェフリアは参加してないので、興味を持つことはありませんでした。
Set List:
1. Come to My Kingdom
2. Rock Bottom
3. Go to Hell
4. Cartesian Dreams
5. Battle
6. Love Don't Die (Stan Bush cover)
7. I'm Free
8. 100 Mph
9. Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith cover)
10. I Wanna Be Loved
11. Pleasure Palace
As I have my 2 day wrist band, I could come and go as I please.  I decided to have lunch outside where I saw a bunch of different food booths set up.  There was some type of event going on so I wandered around for a bit, had lunch, before heading back to catch Metal Allegiance.
二日参戦のリストバンドがあるから開場の出入りが自由。昼食はそとにすることに決めた。開場に入るまえに別のイベントがあったらしいで、いろんで出店もあった。食べて、軽く飲んで、イベントを探索して、Metal Allegianceがの出番に開場に戻る。
Ooh, a booth featuring jerk chicken. And a line too.  I guess I know what I will be eating.
It smells so delicious!

Of course one piece of jerk chicken isn't going to tide me over for very long so I went in search of something else to eat as well.
This sign was just calling to me.
And I found something that would give me energy and tide me over until dinner. A big burrito filled with chicken, avocado, and cheese!
And then it was back to Saitama Super Arena.

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