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Loud Park 2015 (Day 1 - Part 1) / ラウドパーク 2015 (初日ーパート1)

Time to slip back in time to last autumn as it was the ten year anniversary of Loud Park.  Of course I went again this year.  The headliners were the same two groups who headlined the first Loud Park way back in 2006.  It was also the festival that brought back Anvil to the masses!  This would also be my first time experiencing the three stages format.  Which means a lot of running around and of course there are bands you want to see that playing in the same time slot. 
My wrist band for the two days of metal from morning 'til night.  Yep, I will be banging my head from 10am until close to 10pm.  Which means I will be leaving the house at 8:30am or so.  My wife had come with me my first Loud Park experience in 2010 but after the first day, my wife said, too loud, you go enjoy it by yourself!
What every Loud Park concert goer needs and receives when the first enter the building.  The time table for the bands and which stage they will playing.  This helps you decide when you want to go grab a bite to eat.  Hey, its a festival, you are not required to watch every minute of every set of every band. 
Yes, it was this crowded even at 9am.  Doors open at 9:30am.  Official show starts at 10:30am.  But there is also an opening band that hits the stage at 10am.  This year featured a female duet called Fruitpochette.  They aren't Babymetal but are pretty much in the same genre.  The two women are older than the girls in Babymetal for one. 
朝9時からこの列。開場は9時半、10時半開演。でも10時からオペニングアクトもあり。今年一番s最初ステージに出るのは女性二人組のFruitpochette。 Babymetalではありませんが、似た様な感じ。
Their official site says that Fruitpochette is actually a solo unit.  I'm not sure which of the two women above is the main member.  The backing guitarist featured an ex-member of the Sex Machineguns.
オフィシャルサイトによるとFruitpochetteはソロユニットだそうです。上記の二人、どっちがメインのメンバーかわかりません。あっ、ギターリストは元Sex Machinegunsのメンバーでした。
They played a short set.  Only four songs.  But it was the start of a long day of headbanging music.
Set List:
1. Souten -Paradox-
2. Yuiga -Vainglory-
3. Bougyaku -Parasite-
4. Shakunetsu -Drop-

The next artist to hit the stage was yet another Japanese group.  A thrash band that have been around for quite a while. They formed back in 1981. 
次ステージに出たのは日本人アーティストのユーナイテド。1981年結成のバンドです。バンド名はJudas Priestの曲から取ったらしい。スラッシュサウンドでカッコいい。
Set list:
1. Cross Over the Line
2. Mosh crew
3. My Inner Revenge
4. Revenger
5. Hell Breaks Loose
6. Fate
7. Sniper
Just to let you know, Day 1 featured 19 different artists.  Although I didn't watch the complete sets of all bands, I did watch quite a few.  The first few bands that play in the morning time slot, the floor is still not so crowded so I would watch from there.  Later in the evening after standing for so many hours, I would retreat to the stands and watch from the comfy of a seat. So far, I've only introduced two bands and its still before noon.  Let the headbanging continue...
今年のラウドパークの初日、19組が出る予定。もちろん全て見れるわけないですが、結構見ましたね。昼前の時間帯ならアリーナはそんなに混んでないから余裕でそこから見る。 ずーと立つと疲れるので、夜になると自由席で座ってライブを見る。まだ2組見てないが、両方のフールセットを観戦しました。まだ昼前です。 ヘビメタ観戦がつづく。。。

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