Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Golden Week Adventures 2016 (Part 12) / ゴルデンウィークの冒険 2016(パート12)

This is our last night in Aomori.  My wife and I were determined to go to a restaurant that was a favorite haunt of her when she was still living at home.  The restaurant is called "Sharumu" and is located in the hot spring area of Asamushi. The restaurant's most popular dish is their omurice (omelette rice).  My wife raved about this place and I was looking forward to going here as well.  The last time we were in town, the place was crowded.  And when it finally thinned out, the shop closed for the day.  This visit was our revenge chance.


We were here right before the shop was to open for the dinner rush.  It does have a Showa atmosphere to it.


I like the fried spaghetti sticks.  My wife used to make them as well.

And dinner is served.  The omurice here is topped with a large prawn!  But Tokyo may have spoiled my wife because she said although it was delicious, it wasn't as amazing as she remembered. 


Although we weren't going to stay at any ryokan or hot spring hotel this time around, I knew there was the free foot bath next to the train station.  Of course I had to enjoy it.  Very hot too!
Beer and snack time as I treat myself to Mugi Shizuku Bitter with an English toast rusk.
Tomorrow is our last day.  We will be taking the 4pm shinkansen back to Tokyo.  My sister-in-law said she would hang out with us until we had to catch our train.  There was actually one of the place we wanted to go to (two really, but my wife is too particular about the ramen shop I wanted to go to). Their specialty being the Curry Miso Milk Ramen.  It really does tastes better than it sounds in English.  The other place we wanted to go to was another ramen shop called Asari to eat their Negi Ramen.  Fans of spicy ramen would love this place. But that won't be until tomorrow.  Time to go home and get a good night's sleep.

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