Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Golden Week Adventures 2016 (Part 11) / ゴルデンウィークの冒険 2016(パート11)

Today's plan.  Hanging out with Yukio and Reiko and Yukio's niece and nephew.  We were going to a local park called Gappo Park where we would enjoy food and drinks and maybe do a little bit of some physical activity like badminton!  And see what was left, if any, of the cherry blossoms.  The park also faces Aomori Bay.


View from my mother-in-law's house as we wait for Yukio to come pick us up.
This park may not be as large as Hirosaki Park but there is enough food stalls to keep everybody happy.
First we had to check out what was on offer.
Yukio or maybe it was his niece or nephew said we definitely had to have the chicken from this booth.

We picked a little site by this pond.


My wife said in Aomori, at these outdoor events, we must definitely eat the yakisoba from this booth - Kawamura yakisoba.
Let the festivities begin!
Duck on a stick / 鴨串
Chicken from that booth I was talking about. Huge but delicious.
Reiko / 玲子
Physical activity time!  First the kids.
体動かす時間! 最初は子供たち。

Hey!  That's my wife playing a bit of badminton. 
あっ! 僕の妻がバドミントンやってる。初めて見た。
Yes, I played my share...but no one took my picture.  Boo hoo!

We were lucky that some cherry blossoms were still in bloom.
The nephew was on the badminton team at his school, while the niece was a member of her school's ping-pong team.  So after leaving the park, we went to a nearby place where we could play ping-pong!  A favorite sport of mine.
甥は学校でバドミンと部でしが、姪は卓球部と聞いて、卓球できたら最高だねと言ったら、次は卓球出来るところへ行きました。 なんと僕も卓球大好きなので。
While at the park, we had to check out the view of Aomori Bay as well.
The niece and nephew / 姪と甥
I'm also a fan of steam locomotives so whenever I see one displayed, I naturally have to take a picture of it.

Before playing ping-pong though, I wanted to buy a new Shrine/Temple Seal Notebook and I wanted to buy it from Aomori's most well known shrine - Utou Jinja. This will be my fifth notebook.

Hondo / 本堂
If you look closely, you will see there is a real turtle resting on the rock with turtle statue.
We fed the carp and turtle as well.
There is another turtle there somewhere.

We did not feed the ducks but they were cute.  We discovered that the niece had ornithophobia or a fear of birds.  Must have been traumatized by some bird or another at some time.
アヒルに餌はあげてません。ここで幸男の姪が鳥が怖いと知った。 鳥恐怖症だった。なんかあったのかな?
Yukio with his niece and nephew / 幸男と幸男の姪と甥
My new shrine/temple seal notebook from Utou Jinja. Oh, I didn't receive a shrine seal because I have one in one of my previous notebooks.
僕の新しい御朱印帳。 善知鳥神社良いですね。 今回は御朱印をもらってせん。ほかの御朱印帳にはもう収めてるものなので。

Back cover / 裏側
We then went and played ping-pong for about an hour, or rather I played ping-pong for an hour straight while niece and nephew took turns playing against me.  I worked up a nice sweat but I must admit, the niece was pretty darn good.  While we were playing, Yukio and Reiko went and ate some ramen!  And so ended the picnic like portion of our day.  Yukio drove us to my sister-in-law's house where we parted ways.  We relaxed there for a while before heading out to Asamushi where we planned on having dinner. It is a restaurant my wife said whe used to go to often to eat their omurice (omelette rice).  But that will be the focus of the next post.
卓球は約一時間位遊んで、ていうか、僕が一時間ずーと卓球をやって、甥と姪は交代で僕大戦相手になった。さすがの姪っ子、やっぱり卓球部員でした。結構強い。 でも僕は14歳の相手に手加減はしないよと言った。 良い運動でした。幸男と玲子はそのとき近くのらーめん屋でらーめんを食べに行った。 そのあと、幸男が私たちを義理の妹の家に連れってくれそこで別れました。ちょっとリラックスして次の目的地に行く準備をした。前に青森に帰ったときで行こうした店が休みだったため、そのリベンジ。 浅虫にある洋食店。妻が昔良く行ったと言って、その店のオムライスが名物だって。今夜の夕飯はその店のオムライスだ。ま、それが次のネタで。

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