Saturday, May 7, 2016

Golden Week Adventures 2016 (Part 3) / ゴルデンウィークの冒険 2016(パート3)

Well, we were going to have lunch at one of the popular Genghis Khan (lamb cuisine) shops but the line was so long we decided to try another one, also listed in the guide book Reiko brought with her.  The line for that was long too so we decided to go Kappa fishing at Jokenji Temple as we have our kappa fishing license!  And then we would check out the Denshouen.


 Our Kappa Fishing License.

According to our Kappa Fishing License, we need to follow these seven rules.

1. You must catch the Kappa alive and not damage or hurt it in any way.
2. Do not break or damage the plate on the head of a Kappa and make sure you don't spill the water in the plate.
3. You can only fish for Kappa at the Kappabuchi located at Jokenji Temple.
4. The Kappa you catch must be red and have a large mouth.
5. Do not use anything made of gold.
6. Use only fresh vegetables as bait.
7. If you can one, report to Tourist Board for approval.

Jokenji Temple Gate / 条堅寺の門
Wooden Nio-sama / 木製の仁王様
Temple Bell / 寺の鐘
Even the komainus are kappa.
Jokenji Hondo / 常堅寺の本堂
More kappas on both sides of the alms box.

Wooden Kappa / 木の河童
Heading towards Kappabuchi.
Fishing for kappa!

Nope, we didn't catch any.
We encountered a couple of blue kappas but our license says we can only catch the red ones.
Another large kappa near Denshouen.

Cute little kappa.
Kappa couple!

Hello Kitty Kappa / ハロキティ河童
Map of Denshouen / 伝承園の地図
Old Kikuchi Family Home / 旧菊池家住宅
Bath / 湯殿
Goemon Bath / 五右衛門風呂
Tsurube Well / つるべ井戸
Waterwheel Building / 水車小屋
Waterwheel / 水車
Carp streamer / 鯉のぼり
Me wearing a kappa hat.

I have become a kappa!

My wife and I / 妻と僕
We were getting hungry and it was time for lunch.  We will try the Genghis Khan restaurants again.  Hopefully the lunch crowd has diminished.

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