Monday, April 11, 2016

A Walk around Tokyo University and Ueno Park (Part 1) / 東京大学と上野公園周辺の散歩 (パート1)

On Sunday, my wife's friend from Yamanashi Prefecture came to visit.  Our plan was to check out some shrines that she has not been to yet.  As with us, my wife's friend had also started collecting temple and shrine seals recently.  Her main goal was to go to Toshogu in Ueno. I also suggested going to Nezu Shrine which is located nearby.  One of her other goals was to eat ramen at the Student Dining Hall at Tokyo University.  We met up at Hongo Sanchome and decided to go to the Tokyo University campus first.  The ramen is said to be very popular and there may be a line for it.


The Akamon (Red Gate) is closed on Sundays so we entered from the Tatsuoka Gate.


University of Tokyo Hospital /東京大学病院
Yasuda Auditorium / 安田記念講堂
Our first order of business was to have lunch at the Student Dining Hall.  We were going there for the ramen only to discover ramen is not served on the weekends!  But the lunch sets that were served on Sunday was still cheap, delicious and filling.  Almost all the sets you see above are only 500yen for Tokyo University students.  An extra 100 yen for non-students.  I decided to have the Iberico pork bowl.  My wife had the co-op special (hamburger steak with garlic and fried fish with sour sauce.

Iberico pork bowl / イベリコ丼
Co-op Set / コープ定食
Campus Set / キャンパス定食
Student Dining Hall / 学食
As the University of Tokyo is located near Ueno, we were going to walk to Ueno Park and Toshogu.  I asked my wife's friend if she had been to Yushima Tenjin as it was on the way as well.  And since she hadn't, we made a stop there.
Yushima Tenjin / 湯島天満宮 (湯島天神)
Prayer boards wishing to pass entrance exams as Yushima Tenjin is known to be devoted to Tenjin, God of Learning.
And our adventure will continue...

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Rurousha said...

I walk here almost every day ... Lekker to read your posts again. May there be many more walkpeditions for both of us now that it's a bit warmer!