Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Walk around Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden / 新宿御苑の散歩

Something amazing - a post that actually took place today instead of some time a few months ago.  The weather was nice out this morning and afternoon so I didn't want to be cooped up in my apartment.  I decided to go Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. I actually went to Shibuya's HMV +Books, then Tower Records in Shibuya before heading up to Shinjuku.  Oh, and I also had lunch in Shibuya at a place called Pie Face.  I also came upon a small Inari Shrine before goint to the gardens.

本日は珍しいですよ ー タイムリーのネタ。今日の散歩は今日をアップします。今日天気もよかったし、新宿御苑に行くことにした。家にいるのはもったない。新宿行く前に渋谷にあるHMVとタワーレコードも行きました。ランチも渋谷ですみました。御苑に入る前に小さな稲荷神社を発見。

Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社
Cherry blossoms were still in bloom!  I thought I might have been a little too late to check them out here at the National Garden.  Only a minimal entrance fee - 200yen for adults.
Cherry Blossom Carpet / 桜絨毯
Upper Pond / 上の池
NTT Docomo Building / NTTドコモ ビル
Rakuutei Tea House / 楽羽亭
I took a short break from my walk had some green tea with traditional Japanese sweet here at this tea house.
Green tea and sweet / 抹茶と和菓子
I also snacked on Cherry Blossom Crepe.
Taiwan Pavilion (Kyu Goryou Tei) / 旧御涼亭
French Formal Garden / フランス式整形庭園
Rose Beds / バラ花壇
Avenue of Sycamore Trees / ブラタナス並木
Somebody lose a shoe?
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the National Garden as much as I did.  There were still a lot of people out having their hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties but as this is a National Garden, alchohol is not allowed.  And it was time to head back to my neighborhood to meet up with my wife for dinner. Until next time.

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