Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Durian Cider / ドリアンサイダー

Some light-hearted entertainment.  First of all, how many of you are familiar the King of Fruits - Durian?  The fruit that's quite large and has a spiky husk, but most of all, it is known for its distinct odor.  In other words, it is one of the smelliest fruits around.  It could give Japan's natto a run for its money.  Yes, I have tried it.  The taste isn't bad, but that smell.  However, I discovered that it is quite odorless if chilled. 


So why am I talking about durian?  Because as I was browsing one of my favorite novelty/slash book shops called Village Vanguard, I came across this novelty drink - Durian Cider.  Always one to be up for adventure I had to buy it and try it!

なぜドリアンの話をしてるのかって? この間散歩したら、僕が好きな店に行って、そこに面白い飲み物を発見。店はヴィレッジヴァンガード。 超楽しめる本屋と雑貨と面白グッズを扱ってるみせ。見つかったのはドリアンサイダー。食べ物と飲み物の冒険家の私は買うしかないでしょう。

Fizzy like Mitsuya Cider or other carbonated beverages.  Clear liquid like 7-Up or Sprite (or Mitsuya Cider).  And doesn't taste bad at all.  But beware, once you open that bottle cap, you get a whif of what durian is known for.  Some might describe this drink as carbonated flatulence!  Oh, the things I do for adventure!

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