Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tough Box at Lotus / タッフボックス

And so we made it to Lotus, a small venue for our friend's show.  We skipped out on watching the three other bands that were on the bill.  The show started off with the vocalist Hiroto doing a couple of solo acoustic numbers.


Hiroto / ヒロト
Then a twin acoustic number with the band's bass player.
Our friend Yukio singing a Eikichi Yazawa number.
The keyboardist sings a Clapton number.
And now the band - Tough Box!
そのあと全員揃って ー タッフ・ボックス!
Vocalist & Guitarist Hiroto / ボカリストとボーカル ヒロト
Bassist - Katsu / ベーシストのカツ
Keyboard - Tani / キーボード 谷さん
Drummer (and our friend) - Yukio / ドラマー(私たちの友達) ー 幸男
Tough Box's newest member - Mari / タッフ・ボックスの新メンバー マリ
You can find out more about Tough Box at their website at http://hirotomusic.jimdo.com/
Tough Boxをもっと詳しくしりたい方は上記のウェブサイトで。



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