Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kusatsu Hot Spring Trip (Part 3) Takane Observation Deck & Yamba Dam / 草津温泉旅行 (パート3)高根展望台と八ッ場ダム

After lunch, we continued our trip to Kusatsu, but we made another stop near the Ikaho spa area.  Actually, we made two stops.  The first was at the Takane Observation Deck and then we made another short stop near the Yamba Dam.


I forgot to make a note of what the name of this mountain was.

Pit stop at Yamba Dam, the dam the goverrnment forced to stop construction on as it was already way behind schedule.

Yamazaki Shop / ヤマザキショップ
Type of tire used on some of the vehicles during the construstion of the dam.
A free foot bath.  Of cousre we had to check it out.
Yes, those are my feet.
I went to check out the view from the bridge to see where the dam was supposed to be built.
The river still flows.

And I came upon a craft beer from Gunma Prefecture, an Agatuma Koishi Bier Marzen.  I picked up a couple of other types to but I'm going to save those for when we reach our pension.

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