Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kusatsu Hot Spring Trip (Part 2) Yamamoto-ya / 草津温泉旅行 (パート2)山元屋

Lunch time on our Kusatsu trip.  As I mentioned previously, there was a shop that serves Mizusawa Udon located across from the temple grounds.  The name of the place was Yamamoto-ya.


Yamamoto-ya / 山本屋
We took a seat by the window.

And since I am not driving (I do not have an international driver's license), so I get to indulge.
But before enjoying one of Japan's three major udons, first we had some tempura.
And now for the main dish - Mizusawa udon.  As we all ordered the same dish I didn't think it was necessary to take pictures of everybody's.
メインの食事 ー 水沢うどん。 注文したものは一緒なので、ひとつの写真で収めました。
What else is there to say but delicious!
After lunch, it was back on the road.
Snack time in the car with something called [Tara Tara shiterun ja ne-yo!]. 

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