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Spain Festival 2014 in Yoyogi Park / スペインフェス2014in代々木公園

Time to travel back in time a bit to feature some of the other food festivals I went to.  Last year's Spain Festival was held at the end of November.  The year before that is where I met Yukie, one of my informal English language class students.  Unfortunately, we haven't been getting together for English class the last few months.  But, a couple of weeks before this event as I was heading home from work, I ran into a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in over ten years!  Someone I had traveled abroad with!  Actually, it was her boyfriend who spotted me and I had never even met him.  We chit chatted for a few minutes and my friend said, give us a call sometime and lets go out for some drinks.  So it was then and there that I told I would be going to the Spain Festival and they should join us. 

ちょっと去年の末位にタイムスリップしましょう。11月末に代々木公園でまたスペインフェスが開催してました。一昨年はこのフェスで月1回の英会話教室が始まりました。ここ数ヶ月は二人の生徒と会ってないけどね。 今回のフェスもまた奇跡が起こりました。ま、フェスの二週間前位かな。会社から帰宅中に10年以上会ってない友達と偶然と会った。でも彼女ではなく、彼女の彼氏が僕に気づいた。自分が彼と会ったことないのに。この偶然の再会の前はFacebookで再会しましてな。今度飲みに行きましょうという話になって、二人にスペインフェスに誘った。

On the same day of the Spain Festival, also at Yoyogi Park the Tokyo Veggie Food Festa was taking place.  The various items from the various food trucks looked appetizing but I was headed for the Spain Festival where I could get my fill of meat!


I didn't know the Tokyo Vegefood Festa was taking place on the same day as the Spain Festival.  But as I'm a carnivore, I was looking forward to eating some meat.  However, the vegetarian and vegan food trucks were cute and the items did look quite appetizing.


And then it was to the main area of the Spain Festival.
Now, this is certainly what Spain cuisine looks like.  A huge paella pan.

Paella / パエラ
Thick cut Iberico pork / イベリコ豚厚切りベーコン
Oyster Man / カキ男
Oyster Man hard at work / カキ男がちゃんと仕事してます
Steamed oysters / 蒸しカキ
Wine and oysters / ワインとカキ
Mussels / ムール貝
We came a little early to claim a spot to enjoy ourselves.

Mahou beer, the choice of Real Madrid Soccer Team.

The design of the can is cute.

Canned food snacks.

Stage performer.  Although this is the Spain Festival, the dancer was Peruvian.


My friend Ai, who I hadn't seen in almost 10 years and her boyfriend Gan-chan.

Mored canned goods.


Al Bondigas (meatball in a tomato cream broth with Iberico pork) / アルボンディガス(スペイン風イベリコ入り!ミートボールのトマト煮込み)
Garlic soup in a chicken broth / ソパ・デ・アホ(にんにくのスープ)
Shrimp and Field Mustard Ajillo / 海老と菜の花のアヒージョ
Raw ham / 生ハム
Serrano ham / ハモンでセラノ
We must drink wine at a Spain Festival.

Borsao Campo Castillo 2012 White Wine / ボルサオ・キャムポ・カスティロ 2012 白
Ai / 愛ちゃん
Tetsu with a couple of beers / ビール2種類持ちのてっちゃん
More meat / また肉だ
This isn't very Spanish but I couldn't resist buying some clam chowder.

This also isn't very Spanish but it was so good.  Fries with meat and cheese.

Liver pate / レバパテ
Four cheese risotto / 4チーズリゾット
Ai again / また愛ちゃんです
Me and my wife / 僕と妻
Me and Ai / 僕と愛ちゃん
Yes, we're still eating.

Sausages / ソーセージ
My friend Yamakawa-san (who first introduced me to many food festivals) and his wife.

Other festival participants.  This group was drinking next to ours.

No, this bird was not on the menu.


After enjoying all the Spanish cuisine, we went to a restaurant to continue our festivities.

Nabe / 鍋
And an end to another great day!

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