Thursday, July 9, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 5 (Part 5) Tensho Kotai Shrine, a foot bath, and dinner in Iwaki / ゴルンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 最終日(パート5)天照皇大神宮、足湯といわき市の夕飯

Leaving Hattachi Yakushi, our next destination turned out to be yet another shrine.  This time a very small one called Tensho Kotai Jingu.  By the way, at the michi no eki (road station, rest stop with amenities, souvenirs, food, etc.) I did pick up some Fukushima Prefecture Craft beers. 


The road station where I picked up the Fukushima Craft beers.


Of course I had to try one then and there.  The first one I tried was the Michinoku Fruits Beer - Peach Lager.  Yep, fruity taste it is.


Fukushima Craft Beer Trio / 福島路ビールトリオ
I will enjoy Anna's Garden at home on a later date.

A little play on words for this beer.  The kanji can be read as Kome or Mai and this happens to be My Beer!

このビールのネーミングが面白い。My Beerです!福島県産米「ひとめぼれ」と県オリジナル酵母「うつくしま夢酵母」を使用。吟醸酒の香りとまろやかな口当たりです (今の説明は福島路ビールのウェブサイトから借りた)。

And here is the little shrine.  It appeared to be deserted as well so no temple or rather shrine seal from here.



It looks like this lead to yet another shrine but we decided to head into the city instead.  It was nearing dinner time and we went in search of somewhere to eat.
A couple of lonely girls running away from home?
The Pied Piper?
The Piper's sister?
Iwaki City seems to be full of musicians.
I really enjoyed these pieces of art.
But what really caught my eye was the free foot bath!
The drivers warming their feet!

Aaaahh!!  That feels good!
Yes, those are my white legs!
I wanted to check out the Onsen Jinja but it looked dark and scary at this time of evening.
For dinner, we settled on a Chinese Family Restaurant [Tatsuki].
Shumai / 焼売
Ankake / あんかけ
Chashu-men / チャーシュー麺
Kaisen Ramen / 海鮮ラーメン
Mabodofu / 麻婆豆腐
Soup and Rice / スープとご飯
Don't forget to eat your veggies!
And finally on the last leg of our long drive home, we stopped at a super sento (large public bathhouse).  My wife and I decided to stay the night at our friend's place in Urayasu before as we it was late and we didn't want to make the long train ride home.
The Super Sento / スーパー銭湯
As with any journey I take, the final goal is to have a nice cold beer!  I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride on our Golden Week adventures.

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