Monday, June 15, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 3 (Part 5) Seiryuji / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 三日目(パート5)清滝寺

Leaving Asamushi, our next destination was where the Showa Daibutsu is located.  A temple called Seiryuji.

浅虫を去って次の目的地へ。 昭和大仏がある清滝寺へ。

Cherry blossom festival in progress but not as many in bloom as the weather was warm this this year, the bloom was early. 


Here we are at Seiryuji.


This is the Daishido, not the main temple.

Hondo / 本堂
Kaisando / 開山堂
Gojunoto / 五重塔
Beautiful rock graden / 美しい庭園
I'm not sure who this was.

This road will lead us to the Showa Daibutsu.

Water purification basin / 手水舎
What's unusual about this temple is that you are allowed to ring the temple bell (for a small fee of course).
There is still so much to see here that I must continue on another post.  We haven't reached the Showa Daibatsu yet.

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