Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yaro Ramen / 野郎ラーメン

On one of my free weekends I finally decided to check out one of the new ramen shops that opened in our neighborhood.  Actually it opened about a year ago but it was only now that I finally decided to try it.  The name of the shop is [Yaro Ramen].  And I decided to try the ramen that is featured above the entrance - the "Buta Yaro" which translates to "You PIG!".  A little play on words.  It is a chashu-men.


Menu posted on the door.  My eyes went to the spot on the menu where it says "肉好きな方!" which translates to "For Meat Lovers" and there was the Buta Yaro.  Of course I had to order it.

入口のドアにメニューが貼ってあて、もちろん僕の目が「肉好きな方!」に行っちゃいましたね。 店に入る前にはもう決めてたんだ、今日は豚野郎をたべるぞって感じ。

Interesting interior design.  Two counter spaces facing one another with space for the employees to easily walk from the kitchen to their customers.  I was sitting at one other counter space.


This is a rapidly expanding ramen chain restaurants with branches in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Kanda aside from Sangejaya. 


The "Buta Yaro".  The ramen noodles are buried underneath the chashu (pork).  The soup is a blend of vegetables and meat (most likely chicken and pork).  Its very filling but personally, I'm not a big fan of bean sprouts and there were too many of those for me to really enjoy this.  Now I can mark this ramen shop off my list.  The following week I think I will check out a ramen shop called [666]!


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