Tuesday, November 18, 2014

666 (ロクロクロク)

Okay, an unusual occurence.  Two posts in one day!  As promised to myself, on my next weekend off while on my own, I went and had lunch at yet another ramen shop that I've been wanting to go to.  This is located near Komazawa University.  It is a very small shop with the demonic name of [666]. This ramen shop got its start in Nagano Prefecture and features a niboshi shoyu soup.  That would be soup made with small dried sardines and soy sauce.  It is a very small shop.  One counter that sits a maximum of seven people.  I found myself becoming more Japanese as I stood in waited in line for at least a half hour just to try the ramen.


Checking out the menu at the entrance.  This shop was also chosen as Ramen Shop of the year for 2012-2013.  I decided to try the Tokusei Niboshi Ramen.


A nice balance of pork and onions and poached again with a soba style noodle.  The soup as mentioned is a blend of small dried sardines and vegetables.  A very healthy choice.  Quite delicious too.  I may have to come here and try some of their ramens.


Bon Appetit!



Rurousha said...

I return after a long absence to say hallo, and he scares me with ominous numbers ...

Hallo, Ern! Long time no walk. You doing OK? :)

Tokyo Ern said...

Just getting ready to write about today's adventure.